Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

I just spent TWO and a HALF hours reading an ENTIRE blog from start to finish. I have never done that before, but this one took me hostage. My eyes leaked and my tongue is now dry from reading so many of the posts out loud to Michael. (during the NCAAB championship game, no less... he was very gracious and never asked me to stop.)

It's called Stuff Christians Like.

Here's one to get you started (the last line cracked me up):
P.S. - Dave and Chris...you will both love this blog!

#94. Highly specialized Bibles.

Compared to what's available these days, my Bible is pretty boring. It's black, full of lots of words, a few maps and not much else. But whenever I go to Christian bookstores I am overwhelmed at the sheer amount of options we have. It's funny to me how many versions we've created and how very specific they've gotten. Here are a few I found today:

  1. Christian Counselor's Bible
  2. Every Man's Bible
  3. Duraword Weatherproof Bible (Combining "durable" and "word of God" into duraword almost deserves it's own post)
  4. The Abundant Life Bible

Those are interesting to me, but what I really love is when we wrap the Bible in something unique. My favorite examples, with quotes from a Christian store, are:

Battlezone Bible
"Sometimes our faith takes a beating. With this metal covered Bible, young people can stand up to the battle and make a statement about their faith.

The Denim Bible
This stylish, denim-clad Bible is packed with exciting features, including 16 full-color pages of bold, engaging Scripture highlights featuring themes that appeal to today's youth.

My wife thinks that getting your own version of the Bible, such as John Maxwell for instance, is like winning the Christian author Super Bowl. If I ever get the chance to publish a "Stuff Christians Like" Bible, I'm going to have it wrapped in lush velvet, illustrate the Song of Solomon and call it simply, "Purple Rain."


Room for Grace said...

I read the whole thing at one sitting as well, and laughed and laughed and laughed some more!

Michelle in Mx said...

I'm SO checking this out!