Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Workin' The System

We've been potty training here at the Peapod. Things are going pretty well, too. I can tell because I haven't asked Michael to stop and pick up diapers for at least a week. At home, we're getting pretty successful. Out in public....well, we haven't really tried that yet.

Last night Daniel figured out how to work the system. He's known for a while now that every time he goes in the potty, he gets M&Ms. But last night he started really trying to earn those M&Ms. By the time we got his underpants back up and cleaned out the potty, he was nearly done with his treat. He'd last about 2 minutes before he decided he needed some more.

"Pee! Pee!" He'd shout. So we'd start all over again. He'd sit down; try real hard. You could see the concentration. Then he'd jump up in victory, pointing at the dime sized drop of pee he'd managed to leak.

Over and over and over....

By about the 4th time it was funny. By the 6th we were hiding the potty, hoping for the out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality to take over.


Room for Grace said...

Oh my, I suddenly feel behind. Aren't Piper and Daniel about the same age??? Piper will be 2 next week and I don't feel like we are even close.
Go Daniel!!!!

BrendaF said...

There are days when I, too, would pee for M&M's. ;)