Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yesterday Was Crazy

It's official. Cable tv and blazing fast internet are now bursting into our home on fiber optic cables. The technician, Manny, arrived at our house about 10:30 yesterday morning. He pulled into our driveway and we waited for the doorbell to ring. But it didn't.

Not wanting to appear too anxious, we asked Brenna to look out the window and see if he was coming. She reported, "He's on the ground!"

What?? He's on the ground? We both jumped as she rushed to explain, "I mean, he's out of the van and his feet are on the ground, Mom. He's walking up the sidewalk."

I had visions of the cable guy passed out in the front yard with firetrucks and ambulances blaring their sirens, while our 5 year old reported the news. So glad THAT was a misunderstanding!

Anyway, Manny came in and we liked him immediately. Which was a good thing because switching to fiber optic cables is an all-day-long process. He was here for nearly 6 hours. That's 6 hours of a stranger in my house, under my house, in my attic, on my computers, drilling holes in my walls, and messing with our tv.

And 6 hours of a stranger going in and out of my bedroom. But I wanted cable up there so I squashed the uneasy feeling. It was worth it. Michael hooked the tv up to our new stereo system we got for Christmas and we have really nice sound up there. Of course, it's coming off our 13 in. tv, but, hey, one. thing. at. a. time!

By 1:30 I was making cookies for my family. And Manny. Because by then he was more like a cousin. A much darker cousin. But a cousin, nonetheless. We even sent cookies home with him to share with his family. I tell you, it was a good thing we liked him, because it was a very long day.

Somewhere around 2 I left to take Daniel to mom and dad's for a nap. He needed a quiet place to sleep and I was tired of chasing him out from behind the tv, and away from the telephone cords.

Last night I had the kids while Michael went to practice. Even though Daniel had a nap, he still dumped the computer trash can, scattered all the napkins from the holder, and emptied the three drawers that hold his plates and cups. At one point I heard a strange clinking noise and found him sitting in the middle of the dining room table playing with the salt and pepper shakers.
Oh, he went to bed at 7:40.

And the gates went back up. Today he is so not leaving the living room. Maybe not ever.

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