Friday, February 01, 2008

Joining the Company Girls

I've been reading Rachel Anne's blog for several months now, and at the beginning of the year she started helping her readers take small steps towards creating a more peaceful home. Her blog is called Home Sanctuary and that's really the goal, to create a home sanctuary. I love the thought of that. To create a home that's peaceful and fun. To reduce the clutter and keep only what we genuinely enjoy. I want my home to be more inviting, both to us and to others. I want it to be safe haven from the world for my family. Our house should be full of laughter and love. I think that's why I was drawn in by her idea to work together towards creating homes like this.

I've signed up for daily programs before and dropped out soon after. So for January I decided to just read the posts and see what she challenged us to do. It only took about two weeks to realize that these small tasks were totally doable and sometimes even fun. I decided that I would join at the beginning of February and here I am.

I've sent her an email to sign up and I've added the Company Girls button on my sidebar. (Company Girls is what she calls everyone who participates. She says it's more fun if we do it together...and she's right.) Now I just have to figure out how to earn my points for today!


Rachel Anne said...

Well? Didja earn some points? :) Glad to have you for a Company Girl, Julie! It's going to be fun!

gail said...

good for you! i saw her idea a couple weeks ago, but like you wasn't sure if i could keep up. i'm glad you feel like you can do it. its empowering. me, i'm working on decluttering and fixing up our home little by little.

blessings on you today!

Room for Grace said...

I've been hearing about it, but now I'm going to go check it out for myself.

KarenW said...

Sounds like something I need to check out!