Monday, July 02, 2007

Road Trip - Waldorf, Maryland

Why on earth would anyone plan a trip to Waldorf, Maryland? What's in Waldorf, you ask? Why Circuit City, of course! Right.....uh....don't you live in Richmond - the home and headquarters of Circuit City? Well, yes I do. And believe me, that made the trip all more aggravating. At first.

It all started when we earned enough credit card rewards to pay for a new camera. Michael very carefully chose a gift card reward from a store he was certain would have the camera he'd chosen. (One of these) Last week he went to order it online, only to find out that every single Circuit City between here and Waldorf, Maryland was sold out of that camera! And since the company does not ship store to store, we had to go get the camera ourselves. And, yes, we were a little grumpy about that.

We chose today to make the trip and I almost backed out because Daniel has been so fussy. But Michael talked me into going. We packed a lunch and started out about 9:30 this morning. We arrived in Waldorf at 11:45 and picked up our new (free!) camera - easy as could be! After having lunch in a Wawa parking lot, we decided to take our time going home. The weather was beautiful - blue skies, big white clouds, a gentle breeze. Both kids were in a good was just a wonderful day...(until Brenna decided to rub Daniel's forehead WHILE he was sleeping and woke him up from the much needed nap he was taking....grrr....)

By the way, on the way up there Brenna said, "Did you know there are two 'handle's? One, handles on a bag. And two, like, I can handle it." Smart kid. Sometimes.

This day turned out to be so much better than we expected. We followed a sign for a farmer's market, but it wasn't there. This was Monday after all. But the lady in the Maryland welcome center told us about an Amish farmer's market 10 miles further east. Amish? In Maryland? Yes, it was true! And when we turned onto Route 236, I would've guessed I was back in Ohio. Cornfields. Clothes hanging on the line. Two lane roads. Rolling hills. Cows. Farmland. Skunk smells. Big green tractors with orange triangles on the back. Lots of stuff in the yards. A sign for free bunnies. Another for chickens. One even offered BBQ hog. And buggies. Amish buggies. It was such a relaxing and peaceful drive. We didn't even mind that the Amish farmers market was four families selling corn and a few other vegetables from the back of their buggies.

And we did buy corn. We couldn't pass it was picked TODAY!! And we're having it tonight!

Which means I better go thaw some meat for dinner.

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