Sunday, July 01, 2007


Ever wonder how a church without a baptismal does a water baptism? They use one of these:

(without the beach ball, of course)

Not kidding. Our pastor and his family have one out behind the parsonage. After the service ended, the whole congregation walked the quarter of a mile back to the pool together. Fourteen people, plus the pastor, got in. He stood in the middle and, as Brenna put it "dunked 'em". It was awesome! Michael brought his guitar out there and we sang some good old baptism hymns. I think if it had been evening (and if everyone weren't half starved for lunch) we would've stayed right there and had a sing-a-long.

I was most excited to see Dianne baptized. She is about 60 years old and she's been in my Bible studies since I started leading them about three years ago. I bet she hasn't missed 5 meetings since the day she started. As a matter of fact, she prayed to accept Christ on one of those nights. She has developed quite a hunger for Bible learning! I was so proud of her today and I wish I had a picture of the smile she wore. It was radiant!

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