Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ooooohhhhh.....A good idea!

I just read a really neat idea on a blog called A Chelsea Morning. She showed how she keeps all her magazine ideas and clippings organized in an inexpensive album.

When I used to subscribe to one of those parenting magazines, I would cut out neat ideas all the time. I knew if they stayed in a pile somewhere, I'd never read them again. So I scanned them all. Unfortunately, I still never read them again. I really like Barb's idea. It's nice because it keeps your ideas, but it also keeps your wishful pictures too!

It's kind of funny that it never occurred to me do something like this with my magazine articles, because I did create one for my recipes! I use a 4x6 photo album to put recipe cards in. It holds recipe cards and the the ones I clip out of my mom's Taste of Home magazine. It also has a built in splatter guard! I just wipe it clean when I'm done! I sometimes use this idea as a bridal shower gift, too. I'll buy an album and a matching set of recipe cards. Then I choose 5-10 of my favorite recipes and copy them over for the bride to get her started. Sometimes I include a little note about when I make each dish or how I got the recipe. It's an easy, but thought-filled, non-registry gift.

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