Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tuesday Night

I like Chinese food. This is a relatively new development in my life. I'm pretty sure I had never even tried Chinese food until sometime in my early twenties. Once I tried it, I still didn't like it. Then somehow over time I just developed a taste for it, I guess. Michael is thrilled because he used to have to go out with his brother if he wanted to get Chinese. Now he can take me.

So Tuesday night we had Chinese. The original plan was to meet Michael's brother and sister-in-law at Yen Ching for dinner. However, Daniel's unpredictable mealtime shenanigans led us to request take-out instead. Robert and Ginger were very understanding and even picked up the food on their way to our house.

To compensate, we did our best to create a Chinese restaurant atmosphere. The ambiance, if you will.

We set the table with chopsticks and teacups. (Michael and Robert always get hot tea at the restaurant.) Michael found a Chinese station on Yahoo radio and that became our background music. (Although, we later decided it must've been a Chinese rock or mix station because some of it sounded like traditional Chinese music, but some of it absolutely did not.) Many of the Chinese restaurants also have some kind of water display - an aquarium, a fountain, a waterfall, etc. We briefly joked about leaving the water running in the sink, but Michael remembered the 'sounds' option on the upstairs alarm clock. He brought that down and selected 'ocean sounds' or 'nature sounds', one.

When Robert and Ginger arrived, we had dinner and then watched Cars. Again. I know, but that movie is so good! Plus they hadn't seen it. We followed the movie with a game of Racko, where I learned from the card facts that a cuckoo bird lays an egg every 48 hours in another bird's nest. Also that Bill Gates became a billionaire when he was 31. (I have 11 months and 6 days left to beat that record...)

We packed a lot of fun into one evening: a movie, a game, Chinese food, and best of all, good times with Robert and Ginger!

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