Saturday, June 23, 2007

The People In The Other Cars

Do you ever wonder what the people in the other cars are talking about? Last night I was sitting at a traffic light and I caught sight of the people behind me in the rear view mirror. A young girl, maybe about 15, was in the passenger seat and an older woman was driving the van. (Mom? Grandma? I don't know, but I wondered about that too.)

Anyway, something was said and the younger girl tossed her head back to laugh. It was like watching an old movie. Then she reached across to rest her hand on the shoulder of the older woman. A smile was exchanged, something else was said, and they shared another laugh.

Then the light turned green so I couldn't spy anymore.

About two months ago, Brenna found a game in her Games for the Car book called Calling All Cars. One person pretends to call the people in another car to ask them 3 questions. The other person pretends to be the people in the other car and makes up really good answers. Maybe we've played that game a few too many times....

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