Monday, June 25, 2007

Live Report

Live in 5...4..3...2...1..

We're live at the Peapod!

The Peapod is hosting it's second Wild Party tonight and it's looking like a smash hit! As I write, the movie Cars is playing and Brenna is watching with rapt attention. Things have calmed down just a bit from the earlier mayhem that typifies a Peapod Wild Party. The youngest of the party attendees has already retired to his crib for the night. Still, the party here, rages on!

The Peapod Wild Parties began last summer. They are highly anticipated events involving fun foods, a movie, and a family-members-only slumber party in the living room. Tonight the party room is decorated in red, white, and blue streamers. A patriotic banner spans half the room and is accented with a free orange Party City balloon. Michael and Brenna picked up these decorations as well as patriotic leis earlier today.

patriotic banner (obviously Party City is ready for the Fourth)

the orange balloon

Food is an important part of the Wild Parties and tonight is no exception. This extravaganza kicked off about 6:30 with an M&M emphasis. The M&Ms Count to One Hundred was presented to Brenna along with a bag of M&Ms for counting. She earned access to the food table when she was able to count by 10s from 1 to 100. (Counting by twos was left for another day...takes too long for a Wild Party!)
Once at the food table, she found another cup of M&Ms, fresh strawberries to dip in sugar, and carrots to dip in Ranch dressing. (I have even witnessed a few finger dips in the sugar bowl.) Before the movie began, the party go-ers took time for a slice of ice cream sandwich cake.

Notice the flowers - they were give to Brenna on Saturday by her Uncle Stephen!

Before the movie began, the party-goers took time for a slice of ice cream sandwich cake. (Click the picture to get the recipe!)

It's a little hard to concentrate in here with such an engaging movie playing. A pj break should be coming up shortly, after which things will calm down even more. It's been a great Wild Party here at the Peapod.

Until next time, this is Julie. Reporting Live....

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