Friday, June 22, 2007

Sweet Siblings

Last night Michael had practice so I had both kids in the living room with me. I admit. I was multi-tasking. I had some work to do on the computer so I set up a card table and chair as a makeshift office. The kids were watching Elmo and Baby Einstein. Well, Brenna was anyway. Daniel watched a little and played a little, watched a little and played a little. He is, after all, only 12 months old.

I had maybe five more pages to enter in the spreadsheet when Daniel decided I'd ignored him long enough. He began to fuss and cry and fall down repeatedly in exasperation. But I just needed a few more minutes and I'd be finished! So I pressed on. Oh, I said sweet things like, "just a minute baby" and "mama's almost done" and "hang on. I'm comin'". But I'm pretty sure he wasn't in the mood to wait, because he just got louder.

He fell to a sitting position for the fifteenth time and stuck his thumb in his mouth. It was then that I saw the sweetest thing EVER!! Brenna sat down behind him and pulled his little body up into her lap. Instead of resisting her and violently twisting his body away, he just laid his little head back on her shoulder. And there they sat. Daniel, sucking his thumb and leaning against his big sister. Brenna, gently comforting her little brother - with her cheek resting on his head and the most beautiful smile on her face.

It was precious.

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Christi said...

Don't you love those tender moments?

So sweet!