Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Makes a Good Mother's Day

Well, my back and neck are better. Thanks to about 5 ibuprofen. I felt like a robot all day, because I couldn't move properly. Today there is only a remnant of the pain.

We must've had one great weekend, because here it is Wednesday and I'm still talking about it. Sunday, after church, and after I got my dress turned around right, we went out to eat. But that wasn't the plan.

Mother's Day is always a little bit tricky now because my Michael and the kids want to celebrate with me, but we also feel the need to celebrate with our moms too. This year, though, Michael's mom was in Texas visiting friends and relatives. I decided to see if his step-mom and my mom wanted to come over for dinner. That didn't work out either because his step-mom had plans to celebrate Mother's Day with her son and daughter-in-law. (Imagine that! ; ) So I called my mom to see if she wanted to come over for a Mother's Day dessert. (Yeah, it got downsized to just dessert.) And you know what? She couldn't come because she was flying to Texas on a business trip!

I have three mothers and none of them could celebrate Mother's Day with us!

So I crossed my arms, lifted my nose in the air and said, "Hmph!" and "Fine!" and "Be that way!" and "I'll just celebrate myself!"

And that's how we ended up going out to eat on Mother's Day. I thought we'd just go home because, truly it had been a long, long morning. But Michael said "The Cheesecake Bistro" and I gave in. The wait to be seated wasn't too long, but the wait for our food was an hour. Yes. An hour. I must say here that our kids handled it very well considering it was 2:45 when their lunches came and they'd had breakfast at 7:45 in the morning. And poor Brenna. They brought out Daniel's and mine and Michael's first. Her kids meal was another five minutes after that! But it was all good food. It's hard to be mad when the food is so good.

After dinner we walked around the mall a little. We started out in Dillards, where Brenna and I hit the ladies dresses. She was finding all kinds of pretty dresses she thought I should buy. Though I didn't have quite the same taste she did, I was happily looking through A-line dress after A-line dress with delight. (I've been so thankful that A-line dresses have come back in style...they are pretty much the only style of dress I can wear.) I found several that I thought I might buy if it went on sale....until....and you guys, this is bad...until...I glanced up and realized we were in ... oh yeah... the JUNIOR SECTION! Well that just sucked all the fun out of that. We did go upstairs to the real ladies section, but the dresses there weren't nearly as cute.

I don't even want to think about what that means. Stacy London would probably say I'm too old to wear the kind of dresses I like.

Brenna's taste (except she likes really bright colors like orange, pink and green): notice the shiny, shimmery stuff at the top. Also the dress is really silky.

This one is more my taste, though I only buy dresses with straps. I do like color,
but black and white is much safer.

After Dillards we checked out the rest of the mall, listened to a bit of a concert and just had fun being outside. It was a good day and I think my family had fun. I've decided the best Mother's Day for me, is one that makes my kids smile. So watching Brenna in the dresses was all I needed!

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