Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grrrr.....It's MY Yard!

It's time for a little ranting and raving! 'Cause I'm still irritated about this little incident that happened yesterday and I need to get over it.

While I was fixing lunch yesterday, I happened to glance outside and notice how beautiful the weather was. Brenna asked if she could go outside and swing and I suddenly had a great idea. A picnic! We could spread a blanket on our back porch and have lunch outside! Daniel might crawl all over his food, but it could be fun and plus...we'd be making memories. And I'm all about making memories.

So I went upstairs and found a blanket. Brenna helped me spread it out and then I carried her tray out. As I came back out with mine and Daniel's, I heard her alarmed voice.

"Mom? ...... Mom! There's a dog!"

I set our trays down on the porch and sure enough somebody's dog came running through our backyard. He ran across our yard, around the neighbors house and into their backyard, then back through our yard, under our deck, and stopped at the steps to our deck.

I had no way of knowing whether this was a nice dog or not. Either way, I didn't appreciate having someone else's dog join my picnic. In my yard. On my deck! I tried all the shooing I could think of. You know, "Git" and "Go on!" and "Git outa here!". The dog just barked at me.

Finally, I decided the whole picnic thing wasn't really working, since I couldn't sit down and join my kids, so we moved everything back inside to the table.


If you're going to have a dog, please keep him locked up on your own property. We don't have one and we don't want one. I do not appreciate having to keep my kids inside because your dog got loose. Hmph.

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