Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who Needs A Good Laugh?

Some things are funnier when they happen during church. This is one of those things.

Today is Mother's Day and from the moment I stepped into the church, I was on the run. First I realized I'd forgotten Daniel's sippy cup. That probably wouldn't be a big deal, except that our services run two hours and he's in the nursery for a long time. We get to church over an hour early (during the Sunday School hour) so Michael and the band can run through their songs one more time. Oh, and so Brenna can go to Sunday School too. Altogether he's there for 3+ hours.

There's no nursery during the first hour so I had to ask one of the ladies to watch Daniel while I ran up to Walgreens and bought a pack of take and toss sippy cups. When I got back the pastor's wife needed to talk through the end of the service with me because I was announcing the Mother of the Year winners. Then I had to wash the new sippy cups and drop Daniel off at the nursery. Except no one was in the nursery yet, so I had to convince Michael to take him so I could get the computer going.

Every other week it's my turn to run the computer before and during service. (announcements, words to the songs, and sermon outline) This was my week. So I hurried to the sound booth to find that there were last minute changes and an extra video that I needed to prepare. I felt frazzled and unprepared, which is honestly how it usually goes for the person at the computer.

From the start of the service, though, everything went as planned and my heart rate began to slow back down to normal. After the pastor's wife was introduced as the speaker, I slipped into my seat beside Michael in the second row. She started with a few funny 'mother' themed forwards she'd received and then she said, "Let's pray."

I leaned a little forward, bowed my head, but I didn't close my eyes. As my dress gapped just a little in the front, I caught sight of something black/white and my heart rate, which had been slowing....just about stopped. And then my shoulders started to shake and my belly began seizing and the tears sprang from eyes. Michael looked over at me in alarm, and with big eyes, he whispered, "What's wrong?" I could barely keep control of myself to answer.

Through my convulsing giggles and tears, I whispered "My dress is on backwards!"

Seriously. I spent the whole morning and even went to Walgreens, with my dress on backwards! The little pleats that are sewn in to appropriately fit the chest, were instead holding up my shoulder blades.

I suppose this will be a Mother's Day I'll always remember.

(Of course I went out and turned it around! I couldn't possibly stand up in front of everyone to announce the Mother's Day winners knowing that my dress was on backwards!)

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Anonymous said...

I only have one thing to say about your dress event. Have you ever blew on a dried up dandelion to watch the little seed pods flow thru the air like little paratroopers? (if you havent you need to). Well, just like the wind blows and sends those seeds to land whereever they may fall (preferably in someone elses yard), in a similar way our genes are past down to us from generation to generation. One child my look just like his paternal great grandfather, while his brother may look adopted. As for you, someone blew Grandma Weber's dandelion, and most of the seeds landed on you. :) - Randy