Thursday, May 31, 2007

On Sassy Comments and Church

Saturday night there was a birthday party for my little guy at Uncle Randy and Aunt Tina's house.

As the crowd died down a little, Randy built a fire in his side yard. Those of us who were still there, took lawn chairs out and sat together just visiting. Tina brought out the stuff to make hot dogs and smores so the kids were cooking marshmallows, and Brenna announced that this was her first campfire EVER!

Speaking of Brenna, I just have to tell this story: This summer we will be going on vacation to Tennessee with Randy and Tina and a few other families, including Eric and Michelle. (Eric is Tina's nephew on her side of the family. I am Randy's niece. Thought that might clarify who's who.) Anyway, at the campfire, Brenna asked for a hot dog. It was already 10 o'clock and I told her it was too late to be eating a hot dog. The rest of the group disagreed...and insisted that I should let her cook a hot dog at her first campfire EVER! So I gave in. Randy helped her cook it and when it was ready, I got her bun ready. If you were there, this is what you would've heard:

Randy: Hey Brenna - what do you want on your hot dog?
Brenna: ketchup please
Eric: You have to mustard on your hot dog
Brenna: I want ketchup on it.
Eric: You're in Ohio. You have to have mustard on your hot dog.
Brenna: I don't like mustard.
Eric: Well if your gonna put ketchup on it, I'll just have to eat your hot dog.
Brenna: You better quit teasing me or you're not gonna go on vacation with us!
I'm not sure I've ever been so proud of her!

So Brenna and I spent the night at Randy and Tina's. I stayed up 'till 1 talking again. Brenna slept with Sarah and Ashley - 3 in a bed. Sweetest thing you ever saw!

Sunday morning we had the opportunity to go to Damascus Friends Church [Friends Beliefs] with Randy and Tina. Brenna went to class with Ashley - in the first and second grade class. I dropped Daniel off in the nursery and went to the gym where they are currently holding their services during the summer months. Their worship was awesome...(that's my way of saying I knew all the songs. : ) People felt free to raise their hands in worship, which showed how comfortable they were. The pastor spoke only a little, but I was totally drawn in by the speaker. His message was titled "What would Jesus say to LeBron James" (For those, like me, who don't know who he is - He grew up in Akron and plays basketball for Cleveland.) The overall challenge from the message was to serve others. James is often nicknamed "King James" and "The Chosen One". The point was that The Chosen One is one who serves. It was great-and full of humor, which always makes a sermon better, right? Afterwards, we picked up the kids and got hot chocolate in the Way Cafe. I was very impressed, but more importantly, I was glad to know that my cousins are growing up in such a grounded and active church.

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