Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ohio Food

When we visit Ohio, they feed us well! Friday night we ate supper at Nana's house. And she brought out the good corn! The good corn is sweet corn that was picked and frozen on the same day last summer. It's awesome. She cooks it on the stove smothered in butter, salt and pepper until it's boiling and heated all the way through. aaaaahhhhh........ the memories. That corn is such a treat for us that I called Stephen (my brother) to brag. He needed to know that he chose staying in Richmond for his girlfriend's birthday over Nana's good corn!! What was he thinking?????

I didn't take a picture of the corn, but we did set the table with the pretty china plates!

Saturday evening my family threw a birthday party for Daniel. Two things caught my eye on the table. First, and most important because it's a sweet, was M.A.'s sweet rolls. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of them because I'm not sure I can describe them well enough. The pan is larger than a large round pizza. The rolls are made in a pie shape and extend to the middle where there is one center round roll. They're covered in icing and the sight alone is enough to raise your blood sugar. Those rolls are absolutely scrumptious. I almost called Stephen again to brag. The other thing that caught my eye was a vegetable pizza. I had almost asked if someone would make that, but it showed up anyway. It was so good I got the last leftover slice Sunday afternoon, too!

Monday morning we started our usual routine of goodbyes. We packed up at Nana and Pap's, then headed two miles down the road to my other grandparent's house. As we walked into the kitchen, I noticed two boxes sitting on the kitchen island. Donut boxes! Oh I was getting excited! They were from the Dutch Haus bakery. Aunt Suz had brought them down just that morning! Mom and I split a cream stick and it was heavenly. Years ago, when we were kids, Nana always had a box of cream sticks waiting for us when we arrived in Ohio. No matter what time of night it was when we pulled in, even 3 AM, we'd always get a cream stick and a glass of milk. Then the store where she bought them changed owners and the bakery must've changed their recipe, because they weren't as good. She stopped buying them for us about 7 or 8 years ago. But these cream sticks from the Dutch Haus....they were the real thing. They were so good.

So, clearly, we were spoiled rotten this trip. Everywhere we turned we found comfort food! Now I just have to drop the 5 pounds I gained over the weekend!

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Tara Millard said...

Yum, Yum, you make me soo wish I was there to enjoy that good ole comfort food you just can't beat!!