Friday, March 16, 2007

Our Big Scare

Last night I had the biggest scare. I had the kids in Daniel's room so I could go through his clothes. There was, as usual, a basket of clean clothes that hadn't been put away yet so Brenna was taking her clothes to her room and putting them in the right drawers. She's done this many times before and often dresses herself in the mornings, so I wasn't worried about it in the least. After about the third trip to her room, I heard something start to fall. Then I heard her yell, followed by a hard crash.

I couldn't move fast enough to get from Daniel's room to hers even though they are right beside each other. As I came around the corner, I heard her screaming and saw that her entire dresser was laying face down on the ground. She was standing beside it in near hysterics. I jumped over the scattered clothes and grabbed her by the arms. I asked if she was ok, but she couldn't calm down enough to tell me what hurt. Finally I had to very sharply shout her name. I asked again where she got hurt and she pointed to her elbow and her foot. Neither turned out to be more than a bump! Praise the Lord! She apparently moved out to the side instead of trying to hold it up.

I couldn't lift the dresser on my own because all of the drawers had fallen forward at odd angles. Michael had gone to church so I called my dad for help. Once he got up it back up, we discovered the material damage. The dresser has some pretty good nicks and one CD case cracked. The biggest loss, however, was a jewelry box that my Aunt Suz had given Brenna. It must've fallen off first and then was crushed when the dresser fell. The sides and back buckled on it and there's no way to fix it.

I am so thankful that Brenna wasn't hurt worse. I think she just pulled too many drawers out at once and the dresser became front heavy. She knows now - it's ONE drawer at a time!

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