Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Pair of Socks

Yesterday we went outside to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather. (By the way, you people in Ohio can keep your cold weather up there. If you're not going to share your snow during the winter, we don't want your cold air after our taste of summer temperatures! ; )

I took Daniel and his walker outside yesterday so he could try moving down the street. It was so funny! He started out with shoes on, but they kept falling off so I ended up letting him go in his socks. We set the walker on the road in front of the house and off he went. Brenna stayed just ahead of him so he had someone to chase. He would move his legs like crazy and then coast and yell at her. It was so funny. We only went about four houses down the road and then came back. I figured that was probably far enough for the little guy.

Brenna wanted to play on her swing set when we got back so Daniel and I stayed on the back deck. His socks kept catching on the wood and nails so by the time we went inside for naps, they were filthy and had a hole! The fun was worth a pair of socks, though. I put him down for his nap at 2 and we had to wake him up at 5!

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