Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cleaning the Closet

The weather was beautiful today. The winds were strong, but it was warm enough to open the windows. I love having all the windows open and letting the house air out. Everything feels so fresh and I end up motivated to clean. Today was no exception. After breakfast, Michael and I decided to tackle our bedroom closet. Our closet is the ultimate stash away zone. Anything that doesn't have a home ends up in our closet. (as well as anything we're too lazy to put away, anything we don't know what to do with, anything that was out when we realized company would be arriving in five minutes...)

We have a large walk-in closet, but it's hard to see that when it's so cluttered you can't even walk in our walk-in closet!! Things had gotten so bad, that I couldn't even get to my clothes. I wish I'd taken before and after pictures because we worked all. day. long. Michael took two large bags to Goodwill and I haven't even gone through my clothes yet.

The upside to cleaning the closet, besides the final result, is all the treasures that you find. I think my first discovery was some pictures from a friend's 30th birthday party a few years ago. We'd had a 70s themed party and we were all dressed the part. Then I found a journal I'd kept during the first few months of our marriage. It's funny how time covers the struggles of those first years. I don't remember things quite like I read in that journal, but I could feel the emotions through the words like it was yesterday.

After lunch I found a picture of my great-grandma that my grandma had sent Michael a while back. The picture shows my great-grandma with two kids (twins) on her lap and she looks like a linebacker! Several years ago we were playing cards at my grandma's in Ohio and Michael kept making fun and teasing about that picture. He even started saying it was his good-luck picture. Anyway, my grandma got such a kick out of it that she had a copy made and sent it to him. The rediscovery today made us laugh all over again.

Now it's evening, and it's nice to settle down with the computer and relax a little - with my closet door wide open to remind me of what we got done today!!

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