Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Odd News

I love a good 'odd news' story. There's a whole Yahoo page dedicated to the odd news. It's usually the stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else. Whenever we're in Ohio, I enjoy reading the Salem News and the Morning Journal newspapers because they print all of the police reports. I mean all of them. Even the ones that say, " Joan Smith, of 1538 North State Street, Salem, called police at 12:13 am to report that one of her forks was missing from her china cabinet. Upon arriving at the home, police discovered the missing fork with the spoons." Others report a cow in their yard or a strange sound coming from their basement. Some of them truly are that outrageous, but I love them! I wish they would put that part of the paper online.

Anyway I found a good 'odd news' story today. Apparently a man in Indiana tried to cash a check signed by God. Here's the story.

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