Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bits of News

Wedding Overload
This was just kinda funny. A couple in Argentina actually put a notice in the newspaper asking people not to invite them to any more weddings!

Forced Abortion
This story is appalling on so many levels. First a 13 year old girl is pregnant. Second her parents demand that she have an abortion. Third the law in Italy places the decision completely in the hands of the parents. Fourth, no one was able to save the baby. There are so many sad elements to this story. It fires up that strong sense of justice in me.

Celebrating in Church
Jennifer Hudson says she's "not having no club party; I better have a praise party." She celebrated her Oscar nomination with her church family in Chicago. I haven't seen her movie, but she just gained another fan.

And the McMissle case

This is the big story of talk radio around here. An angry woman threw her supersized McDonald's cup full of ice into another car and a jury convicted her and sentenced her to two years in jail. She definitely deserves to be punished, but two years???

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