Monday, February 19, 2007

New Project

I've started a new project. About a year ago, I stumbled on a site that had sewing directions for all kinds of baby gear. One of the projects was a high chair cover for restaurant high chairs. Those chairs are just downright nasty and I promised myself that I was going to make a cover for my next baby. Daniel is 8 months old and it is definitely time to get that done.

So yesterday I went down to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up the material and a few other things I needed. They didn't have enough of the fabric I liked best. Of course. (It was from the movie Cars.) So I settled on a Thomas the Train print. It's like the one below, except the background is blue instead of red.

I brought it home and immediately began to cut out the pattern. Everything was fine until I finished sewing the hem on the first leg hole. I turned the material over to cut the string and discovered a matted mess of thread. Apparently some little hands had been sorely tempted by the dials on the front of my sewing machine, and all my settings were off. I spent the next hour cutting and ripping out the stitches.

Today I got a little a further. I've finished the hems, added the batting, and sewed and turned the two pieces. It's not been without mishap, though, because I made some huge mistakes on the belt holes. I'll ripping that out and doing it over by hand. (big sigh).

Even still, I think it looks nice and I'm hoping to get it finished by tomorrow.

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