Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Favorite Things: dollar bins and the toilet cleaner

Both Michael's and Target have dollar bins. They are located at the front of the store and usually everything is a dollar or less. At Target I get things like coloring books, stickers, kitchen items, kid birthday gifts, and stocking stuffers. Target changes their stock fairly frequently and they often go along with the season and time of year. At Michael's I get note cards, thank you cards, invitations, stickers, stocking stuffers, and calendars. I never spend more than a dollar for an 8 pack of notecards or thank you cards because I can always get them at Michaels. Just recently I bought 13 full size 2007 calendars for a buck each. My Wednesday night prayer class is making prayer calendars for next year.

The other item from my Favorites list has to do with the toilet. I'll just be honest. We have trouble getting our bathrooms cleaned. A couple of months ago we discovered the Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners at Target. We decided to give them a try and we are quite impressed. Basically you just drop a large white tablet into the tank and the toilet gets cleaned with every flush! The clorox smell is a fairly strong, but this is a small trade off for a clean toilet.
Great discovery for 2006!

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