Sunday, November 19, 2006

Buckeyes ROCK!!

I'm taking a break from the My Favorites to say "I love the buckeyes!" Wasn't yesterday's game just awesome?? Only the defense could've made a more exciting game. (Were they there? I'm not sure I saw them.) Anyway, it didn't matter, thank goodness and they came out on top. A Saturday afternoon in the fall when your team wins a big game is just about the best Saturday possible.

Life is about to get really busy around our house. After Thanksgiving we have something on the calendar nearly every single day. And next weekend, the first in December, is going to be a nightmare to navigate. We have a Christmas party on Friday night, play practice Saturday morning, Hanging of the Greens (church decorating) Saturday night, church on Sunday morning, and the play on Sunday night. Plus the women's Christmas party is on Monday night. AND I heard that my grandparents are coming down for the weekend! Nothing like everything landing at one time!

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