Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's pouring down rain here today. Even so, I loaded up the kids and went to a Thanksgiving celebration with the special education students at Michael's school. It was cute. They had a lot of food, including something called Turkey Pie! It was absolutely delicious and I think Michael asked for the recipe. Daniel was fussy at the party because he was missing his morning nap. We gave him a bottle but then he wouldn't burp so he was still fussy. After playing on the drums and xylophones in the music room, we bundled back up and headed out into the downpour to come home. Now I'm waiting for a load of clothes to dry before we head out to mom and dad's. We have a great tradition of spending the night at their house the night before Thanksgiving. That way we don't have to rush around in the morning to get there before the parade starts.

Just for fun, here is a list of things Brenna is thankful for:
boats (because they take us lots of places that we want to see)
the doctor (because the doctor makes sure that our bones are strong and stuff)
my mom (because mommy always takes care of me)
my stuffed animals
my eyes so I can see really well
my eye doctor
And Dr. Meyer - they are good doctors
dad (he always lets me come to his work)
Elmo on Sesame Street- He loves seeing me and he tells me lots of good things
my church
my country

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