Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So much stuff

I think I'm drowning in stuff. I spent the morning trying to find a place to put B's new birthday presents. To clear out a shelf, we took a paper bag overflowing with books to D's room. It seems like that's all I'm ever doing, though - shifting things from one room to another. We pulled all of the summer clothes out of her dresser and loaded in the winter clothes, but now I have to figure out what to do with the summer clothes that will likely still fit next summer. Plus the clothes she's outgrown need to be packed away as well. We worked for nearly two hours in her room and it looks just like it did when we started. I still have so much to do in there. I need to go through her toy box and see what can be pulled out and moved to D's room. Not that that helps a whole lot because he doesn't have a toy box or a bookshelf, so it all just sits in a corner of his room. (big sigh) I also need to go through her stuffed animals and see what can be passed along. Her tiger is overflowing with stuffed animals and there are more downstairs! How does one child accumulate so much stuff? Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that.
She's not the only one with too much stuff though. There are only four of us in this three bedroom house so you'd think there would be plenty of room for what we have. But there isn't. Just sitting here in my 'mama's chair' looking around my room I see piles of 'stuff' everywhere! There is laundry that needs put away. There are papers that need sorted. There are gift bags, tissue paper, and birthday cards that need to be stored. All of B's art stuff is in here. (I can't even remember why anymore.) So much stuff and I don't know where to start. Even now, I could be up sorting something, putting something away, tossing something out. But I'm not. I'm sitting here working on my Bible study lesson for Wednesday night. I'll get to it later I guess. In the meantime, our house is getting smaller and we're drowning in our stuff!

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