Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A New Door

I am so excited about my new storm door! I have been saving for a new storm door and last week I finally got to go to Lowes and pick it up. On Saturday Dad and Michael installed it and I absolutely love it. It has a roll away screen. The top window pulls down and a screen comes down in its place. It's great for a day like today where the weather is just beautiful and there's a gentle breeze blowing. It's as close as I can get to Nana's house without being in Ohio!

Speaking of Nana, I told Michael on Sunday that she would be proud of me. We are having the missionaries over for dinner tonight. Rick and Karen spoke at our church on Sunday and since they are in Richmond for the week, we invited them over tonight. Rick and I were in youth group together at WEAG so it'll be fun to catch up. Hopefully I'll have to time to go find a few long lost pictures for Karen to see! So today I'm making apple cobbler and cheddar corn chowder. Two of my very favorites for this time of year. And that means I have a lot of work I'd better get to.....

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