Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Food, Friends, and Laughter

Last night we had a wonderful dinner party with some new friends. Rick and Karen spoke at our church on Sunday and we decided to have them over for dinner last night. It was a wonderfully entertaining evening. We enjoyed their company and their stories of life abroad tremendously. They are a very encouraging couple and helped us to see several situations from a different perspective. If I lived a hundred years ago, I think I would've described the evening as delightful!

Brenna went with Aunt Becca to the Fall Festival. She dressed as an Ohio State Cheerleader and she looked great! Aunt Becca and Grandma coached her on which candy to choose from the baskets so she came home with mostly chocolate. The pictures Aunt Becca got are great. Since we didn't go anywhere, I didn't put the peapod costume on Daniel. Maybe I'll do that today just to take a few pictures.

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