Thursday, January 03, 2013


Looks like 2013 decided to start with a few knock outs to the old ego...

While we were watching a slideshow of family pictures -
     Daniel: "Mom, your nose looks like you got stung by a bee!"

     (Thanks for pointing out my ever-red nose, bud.)

Yesterday morning I told Carrie to go take her pull up off and put on a pair of underwear. A few moments later she returned with a pair of my underwear in her hands.
       "MOM! Look at these really big underwears!"

This morning we were hanging out in my room so I could get a few things done.
     Me: "Carrie - where're you going?"
     Carrie: "Downstairs"
    Me: "No, you can't go down there by yourself. You need to stay up here with me."
     Carrie: " I don't want to be with you anymore." So matter of fact.

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