Monday, January 07, 2013

Eight Hundred Seventy Nine Through Eight Hundred Ninety Four

Joining with others  -  1000 gifts.



879. The way Ben likes to lay still and be held after he finishes his bottle.

880. That Carrie can catch and hold her dresser up like a weight lifter. (She's fine.)

881. peace

882. my cousin's little boy, Lucas

883. Reforming Marriage

884. scotchies that Michael and the kids made while I was at work

885. quiet nights at home

886. my parents keeping all four kiddos so Michael and I could go to dinner and a movie

887. halo sleep sacks

888. Les Mis

889. the grocery store after the kids go to bed

890. Fisher's caramel popcorn

891. Emma's boots

892. Brenna being Carrie's buddy on Sunday mornings, getting her ready for church

893. kids singing country music

894. new ideas

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