Monday, October 01, 2012

Eight Hundred Thirty Eight Through Eight Hundred Fifty Seven

838. banana muffins

839. new ideas from pinterest

840. when Ben sticks his tongue out

841. less humid days

842. talking Baby Wise with Stephen and Kristin

843. any time we're with our church people

844. starting Carrie on 'home school'

845. the church music festival

846. our nursery director

847. reading Little House on the Prarie to the kids at night

848. Brenna's new friends

849. clothes pulled from the dryer right after it finishes

850. how close Brenna and Daniel have become

851. watching Daniel at t-ball

852. Or really just Daniel in his uniform

853. Coke at work

854. seeing a car about to run a red light in time to hit my brakes

855. my apple apron

856. how much Brenna wants evenings out with just me

857. french braiding Carrie's hair

1 comment:

MomBrose said...

Thank you for that banana muffin recipe. I was JUST about to email and ask for it! :)