Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Olympics

We have been so excited for the olympics to start all summer. Brenna and Daniel are old enough to enjoy them and they love cheering for the USA. Before the games got started, we decided to make score cards so we could be judges too. 

Everyone, even Carrie, has a set of cards numbered 1-5. We had fun judging the outfits during the parade of nations in the opening ceremonies. We had to put Carrie to bed, but the rest of us enjoyed a late night party while we watched. Djibouti and Oman were by far our favorite countries, but I can't remember who got the highest ratings for outfits.

Yes, we even had popcorn on the new couch - but we put a sheet over it first :)

No matter how much I poked and prodded, Daniel just couldn't stay awake for the lighting of the torch. I got his eyes open once while the torch was in the arena, but it just took too long. Eventually, he had to be carried to bed.

In addition to the opening ceremonies party and the judge cards, we've also been making international meals. Scones, Fish/Chips, Korean Pork Wraps, Tacos, and Spaghetti. Brenna and Daniel are keeping track of the gold medals, too. We are loving all the coverage that NBC is showing and will probably go through withdrawals when it's over.

Go USA!! 

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