Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seven Hundred Ninety Six Through Eight Hundred Fourteen

Eight hundred seemed like such an impossible number when I started this. Now here we are!

(A Holy Experience - the button doesn't work when I post from this computer.)

796. smoothies

797. baby coos

798. making things like curtains and jam with my mom

799. beautiful fabric

800. free vegetables

801. dropping a baby feeding

802. rain

803. being able to encourage a friend

804. the basket I take my lunch to work in

805. the olympics

806. keeping the kids up late to watch the opening ceremonies

807. cheering on usa

808. pictures of a baby bird on a friend's phone

809. a successful new recipe - or two

810. the smell of vanilla and cinnamon

811. when Ben cracks Daniel up with his funny looks and head movements

812. finding great deals at Target

813. matching pjs for Brenna and Carrie

814. when I'm doing bedtime by myself and everything goes well and fairly easily (like tonight!)

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