Monday, April 02, 2012

Seven Hundred Thirty Seven Through Seven Hundred Fifty One

Two quotes:

"God cries because His people cry for things that won’t bring them peace."


"And I am the woman who praises Him quiet when it goes my way — and who complains loud when it doesn’t......If my thanksgiving is fickle, then my faith is fickle."

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737. someone else's flowers that sit on my desk at work all day

738. solving at least part of the my new wheat problem

739. a sympathetic two year old when I don't feel well

740. crockpot recipes

741. Michael's homemade lemonade

742. a great soccer coach for Daniel's team

743. the kids getting to see the Masters Plan

744. chubby little kid hands

745. friends who confide - may I always be worthy of their trust

746. Brenna's clay vase chosen for display at the county arts and sciences festival

747. a meal brought to us by a family at church - so thoughtful in these last few weeks of pregnancy

748. hanging out an hour past the end of Bible study just talking

749. a mom who doesn't mind taking a kid or two shopping for some needed clothes when I don't think I can walk another box store.

750. following the adoption of little Jude from China and feeling the joy of our friends overflow into our own hearts

751. No spelling words/homework this week for Brenna! I couldn't be happier! 

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