Monday, March 05, 2012

Six Hundred Eighty Seven Through Six Hundred Ninety Eight

It's Monday March 5 and I have some pretty big gifts for my list this week. I know there were probably lots of little things this week as well, but the big ones grabbed all the attention.

687. that my paycheck was still laying on the parking garage floor when I fought my way back through all the rush hour traffic and pouring rain in hopes of finding it.

688. arriving safely, though very late, several times this week when taking Brenna, Abby, and Angelina to rehearsal through heavy traffic and rain.

689. the man in the ambulance who shocked my grandfather back to life on Thursday evening after his heart attack. Who ever came up with that idea must've been crazy, but I'm so glad it works!

690. the technology that allowed our family in Ohio to post pictures of Pap so that those of us who live too far away could see that he's ok.

691. being so over-filled with joy watching our kids on stage

692. smiling and sharing that joy and pride with other parents of kids on the stage

693. All the wonderful people (family, teachers, church people, friends etc.) who came to see Brenna and Daniel perform

694. Remembering today, the birthday of our friend's little guy Jackson, who would have been nine.

695. that Carrie has a little yankee in her - figuring out on her own to walk backward against the snow and wind. Then when she tired of that, she scooted up right behind me and said "I walk right behind you Mommy. Stay right there."

696. Daniel asking - on a stormy ride home from choir practice, amid rain and lightening - that we turn down the music and pray. I did and he prayed ... mostly for daddy to get home safe, since he wasn't with us.

697. Brenna's personality - that she draws people to her and that she stops to talk with the 4 year old just as easily as to the adult. Most often these are people I don't even know.

698. Snow - even though it's almost rain now and melting so fast

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MomBrose said...

Wow! Those are some not so little ones. I'm glad your grandfather is ok. That's frightening. How sweet that Daniel wanted to pray. You're raising such sweethearts.