Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Six Hundred Seventy Two Through Six Hundred Eighty Six

I blew my first opportunity to write yesterday on a nap. And I blew my second opportunity to say thanks on a movie with Michael. Now it's Tuesday. Today was a crappy day and I am much more in the mood to list all the things that made today a bad day instead of all the gifts from last week. However, since I have developed at least some self control, I will refrain from most of that and simply show you this one picture - which is pretty much how the day got started. And also why I'm typing at the downstairs computer instead of upstairs on my much more comfortable bed.

If I had sighed deeply this morning and been thankful that we have two computers, would my day have gone a little differently? If I had recognized, that no I didn't sleep well, but I do have a bed and matress and I wasn't out in the cold last night, would my day have gone differently? And on and on I wonder. To be thankful is what Scripture teaches and models over and over. It centers us. Obedience might have changed my day.

Notice the gifts God gives you and remember to give thanks in return. It could be all the difference in your day.

(The button is not working for me tonight - but the link back to One Thousand Gifts is here.)

672. Michael bringing me my lunch at work the day I forgot it

673. Carrie's delight over her new hat

674. testing out all of the new kinds of Cheerios

675. discovering that I can make baby cereal - or porridge

676. making yogurt pops for the kids that are healthier than the store bought stuff

677. how cute Daniel looked dressed up to go see The Lion King

678. purchasing wheat from a local farmer

679. making progress on Brenna's room

680. Michael's band mates

681. pretzels

682. catching up with a friend I haven't seen for a while

683. recognizing how minor my problems are

684. the beautiful colors of the sky that I can see straight down our road

685. my lunch basket and the funny bit of joy it gives me to carry it

686. for the life of Kathy Strong, one of my Nana's dearest friends

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