Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seven Hundred Twelve Through Seven Hundred Twenty Three

712. a totally fun night with Heather and Jim - so much in common and so much to talk about, laughter and kids and wii and genuine sharing

713. the hotdog dance :)

714. green pancakes, green snowballs, and CFA green icecream

715. watching Daniel hanging with the guys, daddy and uncle Robert - staying up late to watch the VCU win

716. Carrie's time at 'Rosie-house' on Fridays, which is almost more like pre-kindergarten. She learns so much!

717. standing in the school parking lot for an hour talking to a friend

718. beautiful spring days

719. the chance to give my summer maternity clothes one more run, wasn't expecting that

720. country style donuts

721. hearing how much fun Michael, Brenna, and Daniel had watching a movie in our friend's back yard

722. another successful 2nd grade play for Michael

723. Brenna's compassion and willingness to help as I wind down this pregnancy

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