Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I'm Finding

We are closing in on the last week! The kids' bunk beds have been disassembled and I spent a half an hour just laying with Brenna and Daniel on the floor talking tonight. Brenna wants her new bedroom decorated like an old professor's office. Daniel wants his painted red with race cars scenes on the wall.  They think we should go to Niagra Falls or Busch Gardens for vacation next year. Daniel wants to get Carrie her own toy car for her birthday and Brenna wants to buy her a Beanie Boo. You learn a lot listening to your kids.

In other conversation, I told them we'd go shopping after my sister has her baby in a few weeks and pick out something fun to send. I was thinking an outfit or a stuffed animal. Without hesitation, Daniel said, "a baby grinder!" And then he collapsed into giggles. Perhaps we've talked our wheat grinder a little much?

They were up late watching tv. Maybe too late.

watching tv on the only couch we have left
There's been a little tv watching going on the last few days. They're still a little young to be outside unsupervised, so they have to find something to do that doesn't involve taking things back out of boxes. Or back out of piles marked for Papa's house!

When mom sells the couches, you just make do with what you've got

With all this packing going on, we were bound to come across some interesting things. I've been snapping pictures over the last week so here's a look at a few items going with us to our next house.

Discovered today along the binding of a suitcase. We've been married 12 years. 
My friend Jenny's wedding - 13 years ago? and a bunch of my college friends
I found a handful of Newsweeks

Here's another

What is that?!! :)

Our bookmark collection (that we never use)

My favorite poster

Completed workbooks for one of the many premarital studies/books we did

The truth about how I got my political science degree

I can't believe the amount of stuff we're getting rid of, nor the amount we still have. I have paired down and paired down, but there are still a lot of boxes. Moving is good for you!

Bye Bye Couches!

our indoor trampoline for two days

and off they go......


Anonymous said...

It's starting to get really sad around here and reality is sinking in, but we have had some of the funniest stinkin moments of our marriage/family the last few days. Laughter is good for the soul and it brings us closer together. Looking forward to what God has in store for us for the next 12 years. He is always faithful and never changes.

-- Michael

MomBrose said...

Moving is SO fun! Don't you love finding all the stuff you thought was so important? :) Since we moved in here, I've made a commitment to "clean out" one room a year. So far, so good. But we've been in this house for only two years :)
Favorite line ever: "You learn a lot listening to your kids."

KarenW said...

We just moved this summer and got rid of tons. So why do we still have so much stuff? Still going through and getting rid of things!

Hope your move goes well for you.