Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Hundred Sixty-Five Through Three Hundred Ninety-One

I think some weeks actually have ten days. And this past week was one them. We are 98% moved out of our house and that feels good! I have looked forward to this for a long time. I imagined it differently, but I'm still so glad to be here. There are a few more hurdles ahead of us, and then the focus changes to finding a new house. In the meantime, here's the list for this week.

Longest list to date.

365. Suzanne and Jeremy - who left their kids with her mom (including one with a fever) so they could both come to help us move. They brought their trailer, which we filled, and their SUV, which we filled, and helped all day long. And Suzanne was my precious friend through the day, keeping me grounded and not off on emotional tangents.

366. Wes - who helped us move our stuff out of the house, into the truck, and then into storage

367. Dave - who has offered more than our hearts can receive, who helped us move, and who has been through every step of the past eleven months with us.

368. Christine - who saved Carrie's very curious-nearly 2 year-old life by keeping her during the move out. (more on that in a later post), who has offered more than our hearts can receive, who has been through every step of the past eleven months with us, who helped me pack the kitchen and stayed to chat till nearly midnight

369. Stephen - who helped us move and set up our room at mom and dad's

370. Kristin - who helped us move, who set up our room at mom and dad's, who talked with me in my exhaustion until the guys were finished on the computer in my room and I could go to bed.

371. Mary Ann - who helped us move, who kept our kids entertained, who is keeping way more of our 'stuff' in her basement than I care to admit

372. Jim - who helped us move, who is always sure whatever it is can be done, who moved the piano down the front steps without dropping it, who is always willing to lend a hand

373. Kevin - who helped us move, who wheeled Daniel all over the yard on the dolly, who took my kids on one last bike ride around the block before their bikes went into storage (not sure any greater gift could have been given than that)

374. Robert - who helped us move

375. Cody - who helped us move, and filled his new truck with stuff from our shed #bestnephewever

376. Molly - who kept my kids this morning so we could sign papers at the lawyers office

377. Dad - who helped us move, who beat the storm to his house with our mattresses on the back of his truck, who picked up drinks for dinner, who, along with mom, made sure we've got plenty of room while we stay here in their home.

378. the sunset tonight was beautiful, Orange and purple and blue. I followed it west as long as I could because I just didn't want it to end, and I only turned off at the last possible place to avoid a u-turn in getting to my destination.

379. beginning to recognize some of God's perfect timing, and wanting that to feed my faith for what's ahead of us.

380. that my parents built a house with so many bedrooms - what foresight!

381. Kathy and Raymond - who bought our sofas, even though Raymond was in the hospital having his hip replaced

382. selling the sofas - that we were able to load them (just michael, kathy, and I) onto her pick up, get them tied securely enough with nearly nothing, that she was able to get home without them falling off, that she got them unloaded somehow while her husband was in the hospital. And that we didn't have to store them because there was NO ROOM in the U-haul!

383. the quilt I'm working on for Carrie - I haven't gotten to work on it for months, but when I pulled it out to bring with me I fell in love with it all over again.

384. I told Brenna she couldn't open her friendship bracelet kit because we were leaving soon for Molly's house, and when we walked in the door Molly's girls were working on friendship bracelets at the kitchen island. What a sweet gift for my Brenna. She was so thrilled, they did that the entire time we were gone.

385. in and out at the eye doctor = awesome.

386. Michael's band. I've only heard them play once, but I love how much joy it brings him.

387. cell phones

388. pickup trucks - we've used so many in the last few days

One of those wardrobe boxes actually fell off the truck on the interstate!

 389. a good shower - especially on the day after you move

390. beautiful flowers

391. Daniel getting to ride in the moving truck.

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MomBrose said...

Aw! It's bittersweet isn't it? I heard a quote that your true friends show up when you move. No truer words...

I can't wait to hear more. I am so grateful that you have so many willing hands and hearts.

When we left, we had so much stuff that didn't fit, we started just handing it to those helping us load. :) I felt a bit like Santa. :)