Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Long Second Grade

I really wanted to title this one 'Hello Third Grade', but that would not be true to the day. Our sweet Brenna with the big heart, has had an emotional morning of saying goodbye.

She was tearful as she walked down the sidewalk with Michael to where Daniel, Carrie, and I were waiting. She had said goodbye to her friends and to her teacher, but she didn't want to leave the building because she was "going to miss it so much over the summer."


Michael had to stay for meetings, so the rest of us went to Chick Fil A in hopes of cheering Brenna up a little. While we were standing in line, Brenna spotted her best friend's dad and quickly realized that Ruthie was with him. Frowns turned upside down and the girls had ice cream together, giggling and talking one last time before the summer break. Such a sweet little gift from above.

The report card shows all A's, S's, and +'s. Reading back through the comments, I found a few that made me smile.

"I don't think I will ever have another student who when told, "Class, today we are going to make a Venn diagram," whispers, "YES! I LOVE THOSE!"

"That sunshine just never fades!"

"This class has been one of the most kind, creative and enthusiastic classes I have ever had the experience of working with."

So long second grade...

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MomBrose said...

We were beyond happy to see second grade go...but Reagan was still really sad to say goodbye since we're going to another school next year. Then, we got a call this weekend that one of her best friends got in to the same charter. So happy for that!! Her report card said, "Reagan is EXTREMELY gifted and needs to be challenged." Uh....really? I had no idea (cue the eyes rolling).