Monday, May 16, 2011

One Hundred Seventy Through One Hundred Eighty

It's quite possible, though I'm not admitting anything, that I didn't write a single gift down all week. And if that were the case, I'd be doing today's post entirely from memory. I'm just sayin....

170. stopping on the way out of the neighborhood to watch the bunny sitting in the grass

171. hearing Carrie say 'TJ' (our friend's name)

172. Brenna, dressed for a dance recital

173. Spending time with Maureen, of Mimi's Whole Wheat Bread Co., learning to bake bread

174. that Brenna cracks her teacher up - and that her teacher writes to tell me so

175. that my mom is listening to all the whole grain information I'm learning and constantly talking about.

176. that Daniel can read more than he lets on - I know this because, though he won't do it on demand, he asks questions about and mentions things he couldn't know unless he read a word or two.

177. having someone else mow our yard

178. new friends

179. spending time with just Brenna

180. that Daniel can shuck the corn (or is it husk the corn? or does it just depend on where you're from?)

1 comment:

MomBrose said...

I've always called it shucking. :)