Monday, May 23, 2011

One Hundred Eighty One Through One Hundred Ninety Three

181. amazing cloud formations - I wish I'd taken pictures through the week. As the storms have come and moved out quickly, we've had some beautiful clouds left behind.

182. Bible study at mvbc - it has come to an end for the time being, but I've made a bunch of new friends and learned a ton! Every church should have studies like these.

183. The way sunlight hits the grass and the trees after a quick moving storm - turns them the deepest shades of green. stunning.

184. Feeling confident that our food changes are good and working. Also that it's something we are doing together and enjoying together

185. my friend Tara's 4d ultrasound

186. teaching Brenna to cook

187. my apple apron

188. walking in the door after work

189. being proud of Daniel's soccer season. And seeing that he does respect authority. He listens and follows directions. He's gotten the hang of the game. He gets along well with his teammates. Knowing that he has really enjoyed the whole experience.

190. the little surge of joy that happens when I meet someone who is from Ohio or see an Ohio license plate

191. wet heads on little ones

192. an hour on the phone with my 16 year old cousin. Missing her and wishing I could be more a part of her life

193. that Michael is so willing to come alongside me in the kitchen when I'm just about worn out and finish up a project or help me clean up.

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