Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baking Bread

I don't do it quite like this... but it's fascinating to watch.

In France~


Ginger said...

WOW. Now that guy is a hard worker...he probably got up before dawn and had half that baking done. In the beginning it reminded me of a big blubbery seal going to the spa for a massage.

ps - LOVE your stars and stripes!

Scrapbooking UnGlued said...

Hey Julie,

I know you're on a bread kick, but I found this really cool blog about making yummy treats (for birthdays, parties, or just for fun). I thought you might enjoy it. Check it out: http://www.lovefromtheoven.com/.

P.S.- Oh how I wish I had that kind of energy and dedication to make homemade bread!

Lots of Love & Hugs,