Monday, April 11, 2011

One Hundred Eight Through One Hundred Twenty

I'm sitting in the kitchen, light streaming in on a gorgeous spring day. I can hear the birds singing over music that's quietly playing. We had a showing this morning. The blessing that follows is a perfectly tidy home and very few chores that need doing. Time slows down and the afternoon stretches on.

So I continue to count...

108. Good Citizenship Award for "being thoughtful and always using kind words with her classmates"

109. silly faces

110. learning about Passover

111. perspective. When I think my troubles are so big and my wants are slipping away, a little perspective is in order. I recently drove through an area of town I don't often have reason to be, and I was reminded quite firmly of what is most important in life. I'm thankful for perspective because it lifts a lot of life's pressure away.

112. playing with cousins

113. discovering family history

114. reading a book recommended by a friend. A book that details the migration of African Americans from south to north over the past one hundred years. And why they moved. The stories. So hard to read. So hard to imagine. The cruelty of the system. The people. The pain. And though it breaks my heart it widens my understanding and brings compassion.

115. playing wii resort with Daniel

116. Pop's birthday. His laughter over Daniel worrying that his [Pop's] teeth will all fall out if he gets to be a hundred.

117. the beautiful blue scarf the ladies of my Esther study gave me when we finished

118. Laura, Michael's cousin

119. visiting the dentist when - the person scheduled ahead of us is a friend from church and she offers to stay with Carrie while we get our teeth cleaned, Brenna gets a print out of her first xray, no one has any cavities (including me!), my hygienist is there (I thought she'd left), the receptionist gets so excited to see my family, and the kids are so delighted with their new toothbrushes that they open the packages on the way home just to be able to hold them.

120. A clean - on the inside - van!

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MomBrose said...

All good ones! Where are you guys playing with cousins? It's just beautiful!