Monday, April 04, 2011

Ninety-Four Through One Hundred Seven

It's Monday!!

94. confident, excited realtors

95. country music

96. Two more friends who bought One Thousand Gifts (pretty soon they're going to have to start paying me for marketing this book!)

97. bare baby legs

98. Daniel's fascination with the weather channel

99. sitting in the church sanctuary while Brenna takes dance class

100. Brenna's newly begun list of gifts. Her entries are precious and she calls her notebook her "Happy Book" because it contains the things that make her heart happy.

101. open windows on a warm, breezy day

102. crossing off the last item on a list

103. huge puffy white clouds against a deep blue sky

104. the plate holder my mom bought me so I could display the plate my friend Cynthia gave me

105. an hour past bedtime of talking and laughing with Brenna, Daniel, and Michael on our bed. Did anyone else know that Daniel's a trip?

106. all the people still pitching in to help, offering to help, praying for us, and working on our behalf

107. the comedy that is four year olds playing soccer

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

Daniel needs to get with Robert. Robert ALWAYS watched the weather channel. I'd asked him,if we could watch something else besides the weather.

Daniel is most certainly a trip or as we used to say "a hoot". We get a big kick out of him and his unbridled enthusiasm!!! He gets so excited, which gets you so excited.

In your quest to accentuate the positive with One Thousand Gifts, possibly this inspired Brenna to keep her "Happy Book". Keep up the good work, Brenna!!!

Now on to little miss, Carrie. She seems so content, and dearly loves the attention she gets from Brenna & Daniel.

HOORAY for confident, excited realtors!!! And a great big thanks to your wonderful friends!!!

Love, Mary Ann & Jim