Monday, March 07, 2011

Forty-Four Through Fifty-Four

It's Monday again already. Wasn't it just Monday yesterday? Do Tuesday through Sunday even exist anymore? They say this will only get worse the older I get. Just please don't let it get to where my whole life feels like Monday morning.

But Mondays are no longer for complaining. They are for naming gifts. So we're off and running...

44. Awe inspiring rain

45. all the wonderful people in Brenna's life who came to see her in the kids production last night.

46. Brenna's flowers - given to her after the show by some very special friends... but enjoyed by me all day long!

47. Twelve years of marriage

48. hats - especially those that belong to someone else!

49. the kids ministry director at WEAG

50. that frustrating phases in our kids do come to an end

51. friends who keep me going, especially when I start feeling discouraged

52. music lyrics that raise me up

53. impromptu praise and worship in my kitchen with the sun shining in and a baby on my hip

54. getting to sit in the window seat at McAllisters with Brenna

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