Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thirty-One Through Forty - Three

Counting gifts. It's getting more and more fun. I'm trying to write more down during the week so I don't forget. It sure does center me and keep me focused. So much joy I would miss if I weren't doing this. Naming the gifts gives them recognition.

31. Three friends - one in NY, one in NC, and one in VA - and ten minutes dreaming of world travel on a Wednesday morning fb post. Fiji? Italy? Thailand?

32. Raindrops that bounce on the pavement - and how that makes Brenna and I giggle as we stand under our umbrellas and watch.

33. Signs of Spring
34. Homemade Strawberry freezer jam

35. The opportunity to visit another church on a Sunday morning. Stepping out of routine.

36. Meeting new people and finding lots of common interests/connections. The anticipation of a budding friendship.

37. A house that isn't phased by high winds. The calm inside despite the crazy outdoors.

38. Laughing with Daniel as we race up the street to catch a neighbor's fly-a-way recycling bin, work together to right fallen dumpsters, and stand with arms wide open to catch this hard blowing wind.

39. Friendly clerks at Target who smile and make conversation

40. Hearing Brenna sing solo- with a microphone in front of a crowd, no fear, no nerves. Confident and steady. Who is this child?

41. my daily sidekicks

42. The sheer JOY of an email from my friend Molly letting me know that she's begun to read One Thousand Gifts and she doesn't "want to put it down!!". I keep telling you - it's that good.

43. Carrie's requests for fist bumps. :)

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