Monday, February 07, 2011

Six Through Sixteen

6. teaching the big kids the basics of football as we watch the Super Bowl. "This team has four tries to get the ball across that yellow line." "Oh No Mommy! Some of the Packer guys fell down!" "No, they don't get any points until they get ball into the end zone." "Yes, the Packers are winning. Shhhh... Carrie's trying to sleep." "Mommy, did you see that? That Packer guy just sat on that Steeler's belly!!"

7. a precious eight year old who understands the struggle her parents are having as they try to determine whether or not she actually has pink eye - and therefore will or will not be able to go to the birthday slumber party for which she's already packed and ready to go. In the end she didn't get to go, but her eye began to heal quickly and she didn't miss the rest of her weekend activities. Thank you God for answered prayers.

8. random warm days in the middle of winter (even as the rest of the country is riding out a major snow storm)

9. ten minutes of uninterrupted chatting with a friend, while walking to pick up our kids from childcare

10. Daniel's delight in teaching Carrie how to make obnoxious noises by putting her mouth on her arm and blowing hard

11. baby hands

12. kind store employees who stop to make my kids smile and give the impression that they enjoy their jobs.

13. our van, specifically that the back seat lays 2/3 down so I can load it up with things that need to be taken out of the house during showings.

14. a new program at the school that gives the older students a chance to interact with the younger ones in mixed grade level classes.

15. pancakes for dinner

16. sharing lunch at the kids' table

Nine Hundred Eighty-Four to go!

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