Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hoping He's A Good Sport

One. I have nothing to post.

Two. I might be looking for a little trouble.

Three. Once this publishes, can I stay at your house for a little while?

The Redskins won today so he's in a good mood....

I think it's pretty funny!

But I might change my blogger password just in case of paybacks. And maybe my Facebook password too.

Here's what was really going on.

I keep insisting that he try to do this himself...but then it turns out like the picture above, so I end up having to help out a bit anyway. When it's really cold, he and Daniel both get their hair cuts in the kitchen. The rest of the year we do it on the back deck. Much easier clean up.


TurtlesButterfly said...

Dave always wants me to help cut his hair...I keep telling him I'm no good at it. He's had to shave his head more than once as a result of my hair trimming skills, lol.

Scrapbooking UnGlued said...

I have to cut Joe's hair every two weeks (every three in the winter)... I think he would lose an ear if he tried to do it himself. When I have to cut it inside, I just lay down an old sheet and it makes for easy cleanup! Just pick it up and take outside to shake off then throw it in the washer!

Although, It would be entertaining to watch him try to do it himself! :P

Ginger said...

I laughed out loud on this one! Last night Eric was cutting his own hair just like this. :) He always misses one little spot on the back too that I go over for him and then clean up his neck line. When we first got married, he expected me to cut his hair - something I'd never done before and was terrified to do. He was patient, but I was awful, it got more and more tense with every hair cut. Him cutting his own hair has been the salvation of our marriage. ;)

Jennifer said...

We do the same thing....I cut Rush and Jonah's hair- kitchen when it's cold, deck when it's warm. :) I remember the first time he wanted me to do it in college- it took me an hour and he fell asleep! :)

MomBrose said...

I think you should have told him "It looks great!" and see how long it took him to figure out that it didn't. :)