Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Girl Named Rylie

I have had all sorts of blog topics running in my mind today, but as I sit down to type, only one is still here. Sometime in the next 8 hours, our friends Rush and Jennifer will meet their 21 month old daughter for the first time. They are in China, probably already in the province where Rylie was born. I have been thinking about them all day long today. Every time I look at the clock, I remember that they are about 12 hours ahead of us. So now, as I've put my kids to bed and grabbed a snack and the computer, they've already begun their Sunday. In fact, they've already been to the airport and flown south to Nanchang, where Rylie is. It's almost time!

Jennifer has updated her blog from China and there are some beautiful pictures there. (Apple Pie and Egg Rolls) I know today is going to be incredibly emotional and exhausting for them, but I keep hoping she'll have time to post a picture or two. I almost want to stay up late and keep checking, just in case! Almost.

Rylie will have some big transitions and even some abrupt changes coming to her in the next few hours. She'll meet her parents, but everything she knows will change. Jennifer asked that we pray specifically for Rylie's next few weeks. She wrote, "Please be praying for Rylie. As much as we appreciate the prayers for us, she is about to experience the biggest transition anyone could ever imagine as in the next days and weeks she is losing every single thing she is used to....her name, the sights, sounds and smells she is used to, her home, her culture, her citizenship...everything. It has to be terrifying for a 21 month old little girl who cannot understand what is going on. Please pray for her to have peace and for a smooth transition. "

I am so excited for this family! It's such a special day! Isn't it amazing how God can weave a family together from anywhere?!

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